Life in the Vocation Houses

The hustle of today’s world makes it almost impossible to clearly hear God’s voice. We all long to do God’s will, but we don’t always have the means, support, or environment that we need to seek it out. 

A Vocation House is a place where your relationship with God, encouraged by a supportive community, can grow and bear fruit. 




  • Receiving the Sacraments

  • Personal prayer & silent contemplation

  • Engagement in community life 



  • Spiritual Direction

  • Adoration of the Most Holy Eucharist

  • Daily Mass 

  • Liturgy of the Hours

Our Vocation House program has existed in various forms for over ten years, but we’re really just getting started! Annunciation Women’s House opened in June, 2021, and Guadalupe Men’s House is slated to open sometime in 2022 (God willing). 


The core values of our program will not change. But the way we live out those values may vary depending on the size of the community, and the strengths and talents of its members. We practice consistent communication between residents, house parents, and our organization, so that the Vocation House program may continue to thrive and produce good fruit. 

We aim to help you discern how God wants you to spend your life. 

The Holy Spirit guides us toward our vocation through any and all aspects of our life. Our work, community life, study, and relationships can all help us along the way. However, prayer–a relationship with God–is what really moves us towards joy and fulfillment. 

By our relationship with God, He reveals which state in life would bring each of us to the greatest holiness and joy:

Married Life
The union between a man and woman in marriage is meant to reflect the perfect union between Christ and the Church. The fruit of this union is increased holiness for each spouse, and a fertile ground in which children can first learn the love of our Church family.

Religious Life
Religious life is a way of giving oneself totally to the Lord, whether through a religious community or the priesthood. The primary relationship in our lives–our relationship with God–becomes a perpetual act of worship.

Single Life
Single life is a special invitation from the Lord to live in union with Him, but still often in the world. This could include Consecrated Virginity, Diocesan Hermit life, a Third Order vocation, or a range of other lifestyles. Single life is not a “leftover” option, but a valuable and beautiful way to build up the Kingdom of God through a gift of self to God’s will. 

Applications are now being accepted!