Long-term Residency

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In some cases, long-term residency may be possible. 

House Parents

Each vocation house is overseen by a House Parent whose duties include mentorship, scheduling, and general upkeep for the house. 

Property Manager

Groundskeeping duties and minor household repairs are the responsibility of the property manager, who may live in either of the vocation houses (depending on whether they are male or female) and engage in the community life of the house. 

Other Exceptions

Those who wish to live in an environment of Catholic community life, but who are too old to enter religious life may be considered for long-term residency. However, preference will often go to short-term residents discerning a vocation. 

Long-term applicants over 45 are asked to spend a three month minimum stay at a vocation house before making plans to move in.​ Each week during that stay, house parents will discuss with the potential resident how community living would impact the possible new resident.

To apply, complete the appropriate application: