Opening for House Parents

Make a difference in the lives of residents, in our community, and in the world.  


Live-In House Parent for Guadalupe Men's Vocation House 
Live-In House Parent for Annunciation Women's Vocation House

(Temporary House Parents are presently serving)

Men currently live in a 4-bedroom home while Guadalupe House is being restored.


House Parent Applicant must have deep, Catholic faith, strong personal and administrative skills, and the ability to work in a flexible environment. 

Room and board plus $200/wk stipend. Full time responsibility to house and to volunteer work for Confraternity of Penitents


Some of the requirements for house parents are:

  • Be of exemplary moral character

  • Manage the day-to-day operation of the house, including daily prayer times

  • Assign tasks and chores within the house

  • Moderate a weekly Bible study/book study open to both residents and non-residents

  • Work with the Confraternity Volunteer Coordinator to assign volunteer duties

  • Work in the gift shop or other ministry when needed

  • Plan occasional events with guest speakers on topics of discernment, Catholic spirituality, or vocation

  • Be available to residents for questions and help in the discernment process

  • Settle any disputes among residents

  • Purchase food staples and other supplies for the house

  • Coordinate group meals and other functions within the house

To apply, send resume with 3 references (one reference must be your parish priest) to 

or mail to

Confraternity of Penitents

1702 Lumbard Street

Fort Wayne IN 46803 

For more information, call 260-739-6882